DOKS's collective funds from Gramex and Copydan

DOKS distributes collective funds from Gramex and Copydan once a year with an application deadline of August 15. You may expect a response to the application in early October.
Please note that there is a deadline for the use of the funds. Granted funds must have been used no later than the end of August in the following calendar year. This deadline is mandatory.
When applying, you must use the application form. You can find and download the form at the bottom of this page.
The application must be submitted no later than August 15 to the board committee for DOKS’s collective funds. Postal and email addresses can be found on the application form.
In order for DOKS to be able to report to the tax authorities, you must give information of full name and address on the application
According to the Gramex operating regulations, the Gramex collective funds are used for the following purposes:
  1. Music promotion measures, including grants for live performance of music, song and musical drama and grants for the recording, publishing and
    promotion of phonograms.
  2. Educational purposes for performing artists, including study and travel grants and grants for professional education.
  3. Social and humanitarian purposes for performers, including the distribution of honorary scholarships, grants for holiday and recreational purposes, and for pension and assistance funds for performing artists.
  4. Financial support for publications and other measures to support the working conditions and legal position of performing artists. In Denmark, this could also be financial support to the operation of “Fællesrådet for udøvende kunstnere”.
  5. Financial support to the individual organizations’ management of the above funds.
The funds must be used primarily for the purposes mentioned in points 1 and 2.

Application form

Download the application form here

Save the document and fill it in. 

The completed form should be sent per e-mail or printed and sent via snail mail to DOKS so that it is received before the application deadline. 

Use of the funds - transparency reports

If you want to know more about how the collective funds have been used, you may find the information here:

Accounts and transparency reports


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